A recipe for disaster: Racism within the APD is still present among some of our police officers. When three young men get targeted, two white and one black, and the black man is thrown to ground after ordering wings, arrested, taken to jail, and the white men, who are in possession of a hand gun and marijuana, are told to stay away from ” these niggers” and go home…THAT IS NOT RIGHT! These events are true… In December of 2012, three young men were preparing for a local event in downtown Atlanta Georgia. Two of the men were Caucasian and the other an Afrikan, in America. The one Caucasian man was out of Miami, the other Caucasian man was out of Alabama, who is also the business partner of the Afrikan man, who is an Atlanta resident. The three men traveled in a black Mercedes truck, the Caucasian man from Miami driving, on a December evening, passing out fliers for their upcoming event. The Afrikan man noticed that the man from Miami had a hand gun and marijuana in the truck. He informed him that he could not be driving around with him while having possession of these items. He exclaimed, “You cannot do that here, Atlanta police don’t play”. The man from Miami responded, “Man, I’m white”. The Afrikan man then asked the man from Miami to take him home, but to first stop by a an establishment that sold wings. Once arriving, the Afrikan man got out of the truck and went to order his wings. As he exited, to wait for his order, while walking back to the truck, a team of police officers (possible SWAT) tackled the Afrikan man to the ground. He Afrikan man asked the officers what he did wrong, that he was just ordering wings. After checking the Afrikan man’s pockets and finding a roach, the officers told him that he was being arrested for having the roach. THEY NEVER READ HIM ANY “RIGHTS”. Once the officers had the Afrikan in the patrol vehicle they spoke briefly with the two Caucasian men, not checking them or their vehicle, and told them to stay away from the niggers, that they were taking them ALL down! Then they told them to go back to Miami. How are our young people ever going to trust the system when their are officers in authority such as these? Who is going to arrest the officers for such an injustice? Once the damage is done, it can’t be undone… oh, maybe an apology may be presented, after the time spent going to court, missing work, losing job, etc. Racism is still in existence, but how should it be addressed? If you have a comment, please post. If you would like to be a part of a solution and have a way you can help this young Afrikan man, even if it is just a word of encouragement… leave your contact information and someone will be in touch with you. The next court date is June 3, 2013.


2 thoughts on “A RECIPE FOR DISASTER!

  1. I empathize with the brother, business is business, but I think he was in bad company from the beginning, he might have even been set up. Instead of getting some wings he should have got out disappeared and headed home. We must be very selective of our associations

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